Role of a Wedding Planner


Role of a Wedding Planner and How to Choose the Best

It is not hard to find good wedding decorators in Coimbatore if you know how to look. Let’s see how serious you need to be about hiring wedding planners. A lot is riding on them.

Things a Wedding Planner Does for You

A wedding planner plans every aspect of a wedding. If you want them to only arrange the catering and do the decorations, they will do it. If you want them to take on more responsibility they will. Here is everything a professional wedding planner will do for you.

Initiate design aspect: Décor, colour palette, lighting, staging area, and everything that needs an aesthetic touch.

Assist family mediation: Wedding planners have fun activities ready for when some warming up is required. They also courteously mediate rising tensions so that nothing goes wrong at your wedding.

Finance management: This is a big part of a wedding planner’s job. Their job is to make sure every penny is accounted for. They don’t ride up your costs. They make sure you get value for money. They maintain the expenses log for every vendor.

Makeup and grooming aid: This is also a part of a wedding planner’s job. Selecting the colour scheme of the bridesmaids or groomsmen to complement the bride and groom’s attire, helping the bride and groom look their best, it is all part of the planning. They also offer recommendations for the makeup artist and hairstylist.

Vendor management: Wedding planners don’t only take care of the finance log. They manage all your vendors. They set up meetings according to your convenience. They do most of the talking so that you don’t have to. You can just chime in to say what you want.

Guest hospitality: It’s a crucial part of wedding planning. The hotel guests are put up at, the special care they receive, all makes an impression. Picking up guests from the airport or train station, these are the little things that really make you look good.

Photography coordination: Making sure you have pictures with all the guests is the job of a wedding planner. Making sure the photographs are well-angled is also their job. Hire a wedding planner to get professional wedding photos. They make sure no moment is missed.

Time management: Making sure the wedding takes place on time, the guests are well-seated, and everybody and everybody’s luggage reaches the venue in time is a very big responsibility.

These examples show how elaborate wedding planning is. You need professional help so that you can be at rest and enjoy your own wedding. Your family and best friends need to relax and enjoy the wedding. So, how do you choose a wedding planner you can trust?

Choosing the Best Wedding Planner

There are many wedding planners and they all claim to be the best. So, how do you figure out who is actually the best? Here are some ways with which you cannot go wrong.

The best wedding planners will have the best real reviews. Check their website, check all the people they have worked with. Ask around for real time recommendations. Meet them and throw some questions at them to check how ready they are. Your big day deserves to be perfect.

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