5 Wedding Planning Disasters


5 Wedding Planning Disasters that Can Ruin Your Big Day

Are you planning your wedding? Looking for the best decorators and catering services in Coimbatore already? Make sure you don’t make some classic mistakes that could ruin it all.


When an inexperienced person selects a wedding venue, they choose a place that looks a lot like their dream wedding destination. Nothing sounds off about it, except, “All that glitters is not gold”. You can fall prey to the wrong kind of advertisement. Even if you check out the venue yourself, you are bound to miss crucial details.

  • The weather forecast months ahead if you plan an open venue.
  • Open space for fireworks away from the main venue.
  • The venue needs to be close to the train station and airport for guests flying in on the day.
These are just a few examples and now you will keep them in mind. But there are many details you might still be missing. Let a professional sign off on the venue so that you can avoid all sorts of wedding disasters.


Catering is more than the menu and the quantity and quality of food. Hire the all-rounder wedding planners for the best catering services in Coimbatore. Unprofessional caterers might disappoint even if the food is perfect. Serving right when needed, being courteous while offering starters, ensuring ample seating arrangement, being patient with slow eaters, it is the job of professionals.

Vendor tracking

The florist didn’t show up. The caterers are stuck in traffic and the raw food is going stale. The makeup artist sent a replacement without checking with you. What do you do when things go wrong at the last minute? You did everything right on your part but everything is falling apart. You and your family cannot micromanage everybody. A professional team of wedding planners will help you avoid all of this because everything is their responsibility.

Safety and Equipment Failure

Missing out on safety and equipment check is more common than you think. People are too focused on the stage décor and the food and guests list. They forget about the plumbing in the toilet, fire safety, and barricading the slippery areas of the lawn. Professional wedding planners check lights, sound, safety, plumbing, and everything beforehand. If anything goes wrong, they have ready alternatives.

Related Responsibilities

You couldn’t say ‘No’ to the cousin who wants to make his portfolio as a wedding photographer. Your amateur makeup artist friend expects you to assign your makeup to her. But you cannot take chances with your special day. Hire a professional team who will bring their own professional experts included in the package. No hurt feelings and you get to look perfect for the perfect wedding photos. To sum it up, this one special day of your life deserves to be perfect. Don’t take chances with it. There’s a lot on stake. You can’t risk all the advance payments to the vendors. Avoid classic wedding disasters by hiring efficient wedding planners.

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