Photographers in Coimbatore


Photos and Videos You’ll Cherish for Life

In the age of social media, we want to share every moment of our happiness with the world. Do not listen to the judgmental people. You have the right to share your happiness with friends and family who weren’t physically present for an event you would have loved them to attend. But you can capture the moments in a perfect frame and save it forever. Share it with whoever you want and keep it for years later. Of course, that is the idea behind photography and videos at any important event in life. But the problem is, you tend to miss out on a lot while trying to capture these moments in frame. Whoever is responsible for the photos and videos does not fully get to be a part of the moment.

Not anymore. With Zappy Events by your side, you get to enjoy the day without bothering about the shutters and the lenses. At the end of the day, we will come to you with every important moment captured perfectly. Of course you can hire your own photographer and videographer. But why look for one when you have a good team right within your event organizer?

“One more please. You didn’t get my right profile! My right profile is better. Okay might as well get another one of my left profile, which is not bad either. Oh no! I blinked! Hey! Please make a video of this musical chair game!”.

Come to us with all these requests. Let your guests take as many pictures they want. There will always be more than one dedicated photographer and videographer present to address all your requests. Nobody will be left out. Unless, of course, they want to be left out. Our expert team behind photography and videos are good at making shy people come out of their shells. So, get ready to see that cousin who does not even put a Facebook profile picture, strike a flattering pose! What is fun without proof to show everybody, right? Here we are. Got it all covered for you.

Every mood captured in its true essence

Our team behind the lens knows how to capture the essence of the most important moments through photography and videos without even letting you realize that you are being followed by a camera. For candid shots and raw moments, Zappy Events team is the right choice. Of course, you can pose all you want. You get to make full use of the photo booth that we design for you. It is always unique and beautiful. You can take photos in front of the beautiful backdrop we create and light perfectly for you. You will get some amazing photos worth sharing with the world working with the Zappy Events team..